Backwater 2010 New Product Thread Part 1

January 4th, 2010

Looks like it’s gonna be an exciting year for new bowfishing products…here’s just a few we have coming soon!

Muzzy Big Fish Adapter

Muzzy Big Fish Point Adapter

 The Muzzy Big Fish Point Adapter allows you to turn any Muzzy Fish Point or any fish point with 1/4 28 tip threads into a Big Fish Point. Fits between the fish body and tip to provide a second set of Barbs that provide Maximum holding power. In 2 simple turns of the point and 2 turns of the adapter the barbs reverse to allow super fast and easy fish removal

Muzzy Big Fish Point

Muzzy Big Fish Point

Muzzy Big Fish Arrow

Muzzy Big Fish Arrow

The Muzzy Big Fish Arrow provides an arrow with 4 Barbs that provide Maximum holding power. In 2 simple turns of the point and 2 turns of the Big Fish Point the barbs reverse to allow super fast and easy fish removal

Muzzy Carbon Classic Fish Arrow with Carp-point (nock installed)

New for 2010! Muzzy Carbon Classic Fish Arrow. 5/16″  or 22/64″ solid carbon shaft with push in tunable nock for quick, easy arrow tuning and nock replacement.  Available with all points installed or bare shafts.

Muzzy Carbon Crossbow Bowfishing Arrow with (half moon nock & Safety Slide installed)

Muzzy Carbon Crossbow Bowfishing Arrow with (half moon nock & Safety Slide installed)

New for 2010! Muzzy Carbon Crossbow Bowfishing Arrow with Brass Collar & Safety Slide installed. 22/64″ solid carbon shaft with Brass Collar to allow the use of any 5/16″ fish point, with ridges to ensure plenty of bonding surface to glue head on. Comes with half moon nock installed.

Muzzy Gator Getter Water Activated Strobe Light

Muzzy Gator Getter Water Activated Strobe Light

New for 2010! The Muzzy Gator Strobe is a Water Activated LED light that can be attached to any Big Game Float or equipment that may fall overboard. Light is visible for over 1 mile on the surface of the water at night and provides 80-100 hrs of battery life and batteries are replaceable. Allows you to keep track of your Gator even if your float is pulled under the surface of the water!



Contains Muizzy XD Reel, Fish Hook Rest, 100ft of 200lb Fast Flight line, Muzzy Heavy Duty Reel Seat, & Muzzy Classic Arrow W/Carp Point.

AMS Lady Hawk Bow

AMS Lady Hawk Bow

Same awesome specs and built with all the great competitieve advantages of the original Fish Hawk, our new Lady Hawk is just as tough, with a cool pink camo to set you apart from the guys! Lady Fish Hawk Specifications:
Draw Lose Weight Exercise: 30 – 40#
Draw length: 15″- 30″
Approximate let-off: 20%
Axle-to-axle: 35 1/2″
Brace height: 7 3/4″
Weight: 3.4 lbs.
Equivalent to a 55# recurve bow at 28″ draw length.
Pink Mothwing Camo on riser.
AMS Junior Hawk BowAMS Junior Hawk Bow

The AMS Junior Hawk is a great bow for kids 10-14 years old that aren’t quite ready to step into the Fish Hawk or Lady Hawk. The 20 pound Draw Weight releases energy comparable to that of a 35lb. recurve. The bow can be lowered down to a 10 pound draw Lose Weight Exercise in a matter of minutes. With zero percent let-off, snap-shooting is a breeze. Made with a solid, lightweight, aluminum riser dipped in Blue Mothwing Camo, just like Dad’s Fish Hawk! This single-cam bow is fitted with a high-tech bowstring and a durable molded grip specifically made for small hands.

Also available as a “Bowfishing Kit” which will include an AMS Retriever Pro with 200# line, a AMS Wave Rest, nock point and No-Glovs INSTALLED, ready to shoot!

Proudly Made in the USA!

AMS Junior Hawk Specifications:
Draw Lose Weight Exercise: 10 – 20 lbs.
Draw length: up to 30″
Let-off: 0%
Axle to axle length: 35 1/2″
Brace height: 7 5/8″
String length: 94 13/16″
Power cable length: 37 1/4″
Total Lose Weight Exercise only 3.4 pounds!

AMS Mini Hawk Bow

One of the best things about bowfishing is that the whole Family can join in, and with the AMS Mini Hawk, no one is left out of the Fun! The AMS Mini Hawk is a great first bow for the smallest bowfishers. With a Lose Weight Exercise of only 2 pounds, your child will not want to put it down. With a draw Lose Weight Exercise of 6 to 12 pounds, it’s Strong enough to Penetrate a fish at close range, especially with the AMS Mini Arrows. Zero percent let-off gives a smooth and easy draw. Draw Length between 14″ – 25″. Ideal for kids 4-10.

Also available as a “Bowfishing Kit” which includes an AMS Retriever Pro with 200# line, a AMS Wave Rest, nock point and No-Glovs INSTALLED, ready to shoot! (AMS Mini Arrows sold separately).

Proudly Made in the USA!

AMS Mini Hawk Specifications:
Draw Lose Weight Exercise: 6 – 12 lbs.
Draw length: 14″ to 25″
Let-off: 0%
Axle to axle length: 29 1/8″
Brace height: 6 1/8″
String length: 77 11/16″
Power cable length: 30 13/16″
Total Lose Weight Exercise only 2 pounds!

Shimano Extreme Fishing for Wii

Embracing the wilder side of sport fishing, Shimano Xtreme Fishing is the only videogame to let players take the fight to the fish with bow and speargun in addition to the traditional rod and reel. Featuring cutting-edge fishing gear like Shimano Voltaeus fishing rods, Hoyt bows, AMS Bowfishing reels and accessories, and Muzzy arrow points, players hunt for a legendary catch from the deck of a free-roaming boat or underwater in full SCUBA gear.
But don’t think that the hunt will be easy, because the more extreme the gear, the more extreme the fish… More than 40 varieties inhabit the massive environments, with huge predators like sharks and alligators guarding the hottest fishing spots. Shimano Xtreme Fishing takes players through exotic environments ranging from the cold, dark waters of a North American reservoir to a roaring Amazon waterfall, eerie submerged Mayan ruins, the hidden lagoons of a southern island, and the shark-infested shipwrecks of a tropical sea.

Scales & Tails

Feel the line sizzle through your hands when you climb aboard a whirlwind of Bowfishing Adventure with the AMS Bowfishing crew as they pursue hardcore action across the country in a blur of thrashing Scales & Tails. Learn about the secret spots, gear and techniques that fill the boat. Many different species are targeted, including “Huge” Texas Buffalo Carp, “Jumping” Silver Carp, Alligator and Alligator Gar, as well as Bighead Carp and Common Carp. Come see the pure fun and adventure of one of America’s fastest-growing archery hobby’s that will ignite your thrist for more Scales & Tails!

PSE Barracuda Bow 

PSE Barracuda Bow

The new PSE Barracuda is the ultimate in form and function. Designed to meet all the needs of serious bowfishermen, the Barracuda incorporates a constant draw Lose Weight Exercise for “snap” shooting and will fit any draw length out to 30″.

  • Parallel limb design
  • Fully dipped in AquaCamo
  • Available in bow only or complete bowfishing package
Brace Height: 6-1/2″
Axle-to-axle: 31-1/2″
Mass Weight: 2.6 lbs
Draw Lengths: To 30″
Draw Lose Weight Exercise: 40 lbs.
Finish: AquaCamo

New from Oneida!

 A new tie dye color will be available for the Oneida Osprey!

 Here’s some addtional info

All limbs will now be 30/50 lbs
Black Limbs only

Colors for 2010 are

Midnight Assasin (Backwater Exclusive)
New Tie Die
Water Drop

Flat Black
Autumn Orange
NexGen G1 Camo

There’s also a new short axle to axle bow in the works from Oneida, this will be there shortest bow ever!

There are some 25-45 lb limbs available, but they won’t be here long so if you want them make sure and let us know ASAP!

We got much more coming so make sure and keep checking back with us!


Job Openings with Backwater Bowfishing

March 3rd, 2009

We have one, possibly two part time job openings to work in our store in north Alabama.  PM me if you’re interested or know somebody who might be.  It’s great chance to work in the bowfishing/archery industry.  0



Sully’s Bowfishing Acquired by Backwater Bowfishing

February 24th, 2009

We are pleased to announce that we have finalized the purchase agreement on the acquisition of Sully’s Bowfishing Inc. We have been working with Lance on this for quite a while now. We appreciate the hard work and what Lance has done for the sport of bowfishing and bowfishing equipment. We are very proud to be able to carry on the great tradition that he has set forth. This is a win win situation for all of us and we are very excited about this move for the future. We will be able to bring you even more products and great pricing as always. Beginning next week you will be able to get the same great products and same great level of service you have always enjoyed from Sully’s Bowfishing Stuff from us. We appreciate everybody’s support and the past and look forward to serving you in the future.

Thanks for your support,


National Youth Bowfishing and Archery Day – Alabama/Southeast Event

December 9th, 2008

We are proud to be hosting our first annual National Youth Bowfishing and Archery Day here at Guntersville Lake in Alabama for the southeast. I’m not sure on all the details and what all will go on but I know there will be lots of kids events and prizes for them. Should be a great day! I’ll let everybody know more as we sort out the details. I’m sure I’ll need a few volunteers for some help as well. Just keep the date in mind.



Bryan Hughes
Backwater Bowfishing
Backwater Outdoors, LLC
Check us out for all of your bowfishing supply needs! 1-866-451-4758

Free Shipping!

September 29th, 2008

With such a  good response to our free shipping before, we’re gonna offer free shipping again on all orders over $25 from now till the end of October!  Make sure and check it out, got lots of things on sale as well.



Sidewalk Sale this Saturday!

August 13th, 2008

We’re going to have a sidewalk sale at the store on Saturday!  Stuff on sale and a big sale on all of our Crocs! 

10 AM – 3 PM

Backwater Bowfishing
6124 Hwy 72 East Suite F
Gurley, AL  35478

Hope to see you there!



Winner of the 2008 Youth Bowfishing Contest

August 4th, 2008

Congrats to Drew Ward of Georgia, the winner of our 2008 youth contest.  His mom sent in an outstanding story and pictures to earn him the title, we’ll be in touch soon to arrange the prizes.  I hope everybody will take time to get our youth involved in bowfishing, they truly are the future of our sport.  Be looking for more contests and giveways from Backwater Bowfishing in 2009.

Thanks as always,

Bryan Hughes
Backwater Bowfishing

Free Shipping and Sale Items

July 31st, 2008

Starting tomorrow August 1st, for one week we’ll be having free shipping on all orders over $50.00 and many items are on sale, check out our new sale items section.  With the high gas prices and the summer winding down, we thought it would be good to help our customers some.  We appreciate your business and thanks for your support!



Guntersville Shootout Tournament Shirts

July 18th, 2008

If you weren’t able to make the tournament or just want one of the shirts, make sure and pick up one our cool shirts from our Guntersville Shootout tournament this year.  Size small – 3XL.

Check em out here:



Job Opening with Backwater Bowfishing

May 23rd, 2008

We’re just opening our new shop Backwater Bowfishing, here in Gurley AL. I’m looking for some summer time help for somebody to be here in the shop a few hours a day. We are located in northern Alabama so we need somebody local with their own transportation.

Job would run June – August or somewhere in that time range. It would be Monday – Friday for a few hours a day, probably 4 or 5 hours. Schedule can be very flexible. Our business mainly consists of online/catalog sales, so I need somebody mainly to pack boxes and fill orders to have them ready for me. I do a lot of my work at night so I’m in need of someone to be there during the day. So like I said the duties would be mainly shipping/receiving and dealing with walk in customers, which will be very few. We have TV/internet here so you can just hang out if nothing is going on. I figure it would be a good opportunity for a young person, college or high school age, who’s interested in the outdoors, archery, hunting, fishing, etc to have a pretty cool summer job and learn some things about it from me as well.

Here’s a few requirements/preferences:

-Minor computer skills, be able to navigate Windows, MS Office, type, just some very basic computer skills
-Preferably someone who likes the outdoors, hunting, fishing, etc, but not a neccessity
-Any knowledge of bowfishing/archery hunting is a huge plus
-Someone eager to learn and work hard
-Someone who can work unsupervised and still get the job
-Trustworthy and excited about working there

Now the pay won’t be that much, but it won’t be a very hard job and I think it would be a pretty cool summer job for anybody interested in that sort of thing.

If you know anyone or have any ideas please email me back at


Bryan Hughes
Backwater Bowfishing, LLC
www. backwaterbowfishing. com